Topic: Cake Adventures

German Chocolate Cake

Hello, my name is German chocolate cake.  I am an insanely chocolatey delight. A slice of me consists of four layers of super moist chocolate cake separated by layers of creamy chocolate Italian meringue buttercream.  My mid section is undoubtedly the most delicious part as it is filled with a carmel-like custard mixed with toasted… Read more »

Custom, Edible Building Replicas

For their 50th Anniversary celebration Methods Machine Tools in Sudbury contacted us to create a replica of their 50yr old building.  It was such a fun cake to create and decorate for Christmas.  When we delivered the cake there wasn’t any snow on the ground but after this weekend’s blizzard this may now be a… Read more »

Winthrop’s Icing on the Cake Middle School Class

Earlier in the school year I was contacted by Kathy’s Place Youth Center who asked me if I would be interested in teaching a group of middle schoolers the ways of cake decorating.  Of course I said yes.  The class consisted of a small group of 6th and 7th graders from Winthrop’s Memorial middle school… Read more »

Dreaming of a white Christmas

Luckily there appears to be a chance of snow in Boston this weekend.  In the spirit of dreaming of a white Christmas I designed this particular snowflake cake.  All the snowflakes are edible. This cake was on display at Des Rosiers Design for the Charlestown Holdiay Stroll.  Lynn Kimmel of Des Rosiers Design does amazing… Read more »

Baby Showers and First Birthdays

I design and create alot of cakes for baby showers and first birthdays.  It’s a big exciting moment in life that requires nothing less than a big exciting cake to celebrate. Cake for a safari themed baby shower.  Baby animals are totally edible, made from fondant/gumpaste. A view from the back of the safari baby… Read more »

Surprise! you’re 50!

Many of the cakes for this weekend were for 50th and 60th surprise parties. A surprise party cake for a woman named Betty who loves all things Betty Boop.  Her daughter ordered the cake with the idea that Betty Boop should look a little aged.  So we gave her gray hair, a cane, shawl, bifocals,… Read more »

Hyper Personalized Cakes, everything but the kitchen sink

The cakes in this post are recreations of everything special about the birthday boy/girl.  I received a long list of specifications to meet for each of these cakes including everything from their looks to favorite clothes, to their mysterious inside jokes, and their personal spaces. A guy ordered this cake for his wife’s birthday.  She… Read more »

Before and After

This is most definitely the tallest cakes I’ve ever made. It stood about 40″ high including the figurine and it served 200 people. It was for a wedding in Chinatown.  Below you’ll see the sketch and the finished product. And the finished product.

Fall/Halloween cakes

This is probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever made (besides the red sox golden retriever of course).  It was for a 5yr old who had a halloween bday and loves Batman, which is why the middle monster is wearing a batman costume.  I couldn’t look at the monsters with out smiling, I half… Read more »

Sweet 16, ride the waves

Two girls had their sweet 16 birthdays on a party boat in Boston Harbor.  Their invite had a cute picture of the two of them screaming/laughing on an inner tube being pulled behind a motor boat.  As always, I replicated this in sugar.  Dolphins added just for fun : )

Taste of Winthrop

Tonight was the annual Taste of Winthrop event.  There were over 30 vendors, restaurants, cafes and bakeries at the Winthrop Yacht Club serving about 300 guests.  I met a lot of new people from Winthrop including many other local business owners.  I brought three of my favorite flavors and they were a big hit.  Red… Read more »

Sept. 09 Elegant Cakes

A woman was planning a private surprise party for her husband for their 25th wedding anniversary and called me to replicate the top tier of her wedding cake.  She, having married in the 80s had the typical, big ‘poof it on’ frosting with live flowers on top.  I made replica sugar flowers to go on… Read more »

Sept. 09 Sculpted Cakes

A guitar student of my husband’s had her bat mitzvah recently and I made her cake.  Her theme was travel and she had decorations and food from many different countries so suitcases were very fitting. A surprise cake for a steam engine enthusiast.  It was his 75th birthday.

Painted Cakes

This was one of the most fun cakes I’ve done.  I got to use the white fondant as canvas and paint the entire cake (with food coloring of course).  This was for a boyfriend’s birthday, and yes, blink 182 is his favorite band.  I created the figurine to look like the guy,  he came along… Read more »