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Return of the Epic Cake

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I’m sure you remember the life-size Stormtrooper cake we created for Boston’s Arisia SciFi Convention back in January of this year.  Well, the news spread quickly to the 501st Legion who asked us to create a life-size cake to be a part of their 15th Anniversary Celebration in Orlando, FL.  Thus,we present to you Dark… Read more »

Howcast videos!

Last month we got a call from asking us if we’d do a set of cake decorating videos for their “Expert” series.  The video producer they sent out (Keith McKellar) did an amazing job, and the tutorials look incredible.  So now, in addition to simply seeing the finished products, you can also see the… Read more »

Cake Answers PT 1 – Making Fondant

For those of you who’ve ever seen our cakes and wondered: “how do they do that?” we give you our new, most awesome video series called “Cake Answers.”  Today, in part 1, Tyler and Amanda show you how they go about making our super-delicious marshmallow fondant.  Yum!