German Chocolate Cake

Hello, my name is German chocolate cake.  I am an insanely chocolatey delight.

A slice of me consists of four layers of super moist chocolate cake separated by layers of creamy chocolate Italian meringue buttercream.  My mid section is undoubtedly the most delicious part as it is filled with a carmel-like custard mixed with toasted coconut and toasted pecans.

These are simply my insides.  I can be covered in even more chocolate buttercream if you’re a die-hard chocolate lover.  I am also quite delicious covered in vanilla buttercream and wrapped in Amanda’s homemade marshmallow fondant.

And yes, I a really am as delicious as I look.

German Chocolate Cake from Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

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  1. Marlene on

    Hi Amanda 🙂 You are truly my inspiration. I love your cakes they look delicious ((( if only I could try one yummm!!! ))) I live in San Diego I have always loved to bake!!! So for my sons bday I starded baking there bday cupcakes… Big hit… Everyone loved them 🙂 then I did them for friends … in my Lil home 🙂 … now im taking classes love it … well hopefully I can make them if anything close to yours would be a dream come true 🙂 I use your recipe for my SMB and its the best!!!! Much love Marlene


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