Topic: Cake Adventures

Troubleshooting Cake

Before I started my own bakery I used to wonder why everyone didn’t just make good cake.  It’s not like the high quality recipes that we use at our bakery are some big secret.  Sure, we’ve spent years perfecting them, but the basics of making a good cake are readily available to anyone with access… Read more »

Movie Inspired Cakes

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This past week we’ve had an unusually large amount of movie themed cakes with figurines. Here’s the Hulk bursting through the cake and smashing the number 40.   The Terminator   And finally, Starwars with the birthday girl dueling with Yoda.

Sweet Sweet Rivalry

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Since baseball season is in full swing we felt we needed to post about the cakes we’ve done about the two most rivaled teams of the game.  The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. First off, for our home team, the Red Sox.  Yes, this cake is bigger than the next because we’re slightly… Read more »

3D Tour of the Bakery!

Take a 3D tour of our storefront online! And here’s the Baking Area! And last but not least, the Decorating Area!

Open Easter Morning

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We’ll be open this Sunday the 24th from 11am – 3pm. We’ll be open with a display full of cupcakes for your Easter celebrations. Be sure to pre-order your cupcakes by Friday if you need more than a dozen : ) Above are our easter bunny cupcakes along with our Peeps inspired cupcakes which have… Read more »

Free cake for our 1st Anniversary

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Free cake celebrates our first year! This Sunday, April 17th, marks our 1 year anniversary in our new shop!! Hurrah!! Thanks to all of our fabulous customers for supporting us and our way awesome crew.  Help us celebrate by stopping by our shop this Sunday for free cake samples all day long.  We’re using this… Read more »

Howcast videos!

Last month we got a call from asking us if we’d do a set of cake decorating videos for their “Expert” series.  The video producer they sent out (Keith McKellar) did an amazing job, and the tutorials look incredible.  So now, in addition to simply seeing the finished products, you can also see the… Read more »

Long Distance Valentine

This Valentine’s Day we got a unique cake request from an Army soldier who is currently overseas.  He is currently deployed in Afghanistan and wanted to send his wife a cake with a figurine of himself holding a bouquet of roses delivered to her on Valentine’s Day. We delivered to cake to the unsuspecting wife… Read more »

TLC Fabulous Cakes

Original Air Date – February 8th 2011 @ 10 pm EST. Last weekend (Nov. 2010) the film crew from TLC’s show fabulous cakes came by the bakery to follow us around for three days while we decorated a beautiful cake for a wonderful event.  And that’s about all the information we’re allowed to give until… Read more »

A Sweet Family Portrait – In Sugar

As a gift for my family for Christmas I recreated everyone, including Abby the dog, as a sugar figurine.  Using gumpaste and fondant I arranged my family into a shadow box topped off with all the holiday trimmings.  What is the significance of ‘Squish Loudly” you might ask?  It is an inside joke created when… Read more »

Season of Cheesecake Love

We thought we’d spread a little holiday cheer this year in the form of cheesecake. Purchase a cheesecake for dessert at your family get-together this holiday and a portion of the proceeds will go towards to donation of a cheesecake to the Lynn Shelter Association, specifically for Veterans where they serve daily hot meals.  Check… Read more »