Painted Cakes

This was one of the most fun cakes I’ve done.  I got to use the white fondant as canvas and paint the entire cake (with food coloring of course).  This was for a boyfriend’s birthday, and yes, blink 182 is his favorite band.  I created the figurine to look like the guy,  he came along to pick up the cake and sure enough it looked just like him (even wearing the same outfit ) 🙂

Blink 182 Birthday Cake

This was a surprise cake for a woman who loves the clothing designer Lilly Pulitzer.  It is a replica of one of her dresses.  The shell design is hand painted.

Hand-painted Pulitzer Dress Sculpted Cake

This computer cake involved some of our most complex construction yet.  We built a special base to support the screen, which is made out of cake, and allow it to sit at that angle.  This cake was to commemorate the launch of this company’s new website, which I painted on the screen.

Sculpted Computer Cake

A surprise cake for a boyfriend whose business is the bottom logo, and who’s a big fan of all the Boston sports teams, (Celtics logo is on back).  It was his 30th bday and the figurine is of him wearing his favorite shirt.  All logos are hand painted.

30th birthday Boston sports cake

Birthday message written in graffiti lettering on a brick wall.  Notice the evidence got left behind.

Graffiti cake med

6 Responses to “Painted Cakes”

  1. Angelica on

    The Blink 182 cake was for my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday and it was awesome. Your cakes are amazing. The little figure that was a replica of him was spot on. You even drew in his tattoos. You are very talented. I wish you much success in the future. My sister and I live in Winthrop so we will definitely be ordering another cake from you soon.

    Best wishes,

  2. Stephany on

    I loved ur cake of blink 182 i want one for my bday how much the cakes cost?? And I really loved it!! And I also like the brown cake alsoo!!:))

  3. chloe on

    hi i LOVE the blink 182 cake!! my boyfriend loves the band too! i would love to get him this for his birthday how much does it cost? xx

    • admin on

      It really depends on how many servings you need and how many hours of decorating goes into it. Just give us a call and we can talk about how many servings you need and how you’d like to customize the design of the cake in order to come up with a final price for you.

  4. margie clossey on

    My daughter’s fiance loves blink-182 and I would like to surprise him on their wedding day which is not unti June 6, 2014.
    Are you still decorating cakes??? I would need only a regular sized cake- just for the happy couple!!!


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