Sweet Sweet Rivalry

Since baseball season is in full swing we felt we needed to post about the cakes we’ve done about the two most rivaled teams of the game.  The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.

First off, for our home team, the Red Sox.  Yes, this cake is bigger than the next because we’re slightly partial : )

Next is a Yankees dedication cake, pinstripes and all.

And lastly, if you must compromise, here is a wedding cake where the bride and groom (and even their families) were hard-core fans of each team.  You’ll notice that each team, after careful planning, received no more decorations than the other team.  Just to be fair of course.


14 Responses to “Sweet Sweet Rivalry”

  1. Nicole on

    Now I need to figure out how to get the Red Sox cake to Buffalo. lol. This cake would be a great 30th birthday cake for my husband ♥ I love it.

  2. Kristen on

    After showing my 3 year old son the picture of the Red Sox cake this morning, he told everyone he saw today that he was gonna have a wicked cool Red Sox cake for his birthday!

  3. Ana Esquivel on

    I love love the Yankee cake I’m a Big Yankees fan and I would love this for my daughters birthday party she will turn one next month on the 28th.


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