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Last month we got a call from asking us if we’d do a set of cake decorating videos for their “Expert” series.  The video producer they sent out (Keith McKellar) did an amazing job, and the tutorials look incredible.  So now, in addition to simply seeing the finished products, you can also see the work that goes into each step of creating a cake -which is very, very cool in our opinion.  Enjoy and happy baking!


Here’s the complete list of videos for your viewing pleasure:

How to Make Italian Meringue Buttercream Icing

How to Make Marshmallow Fondant

How to Make Royal Cake Icing

How to Frost a Cake in Buttercream

How to Pipe Trim and Roses on a Cake

Cake Decorating: How to Make Sugar Flowers

How to Cover a Cake with Fondant

How to Airbrush a Cake

How to Make Ribbon and Bows out of Fondant

How to Pipe a Message

Interview: Basics of How to Bake a Cake

Interview: Oil vs. Butter Cakes

Interview: Choosing the Right Frosting

Interview: Tools for Fondant vs. Tools for Buttercream Icing

Interview: Wedding Cake Options

Interview: Great Wedding Cake Ideas

Interview: Great Birthday Cake Ideas

Interview: Matching Cupcake Decoration to Flavor

Interview: How I Became a Professional Cake Decorator

7 Responses to “Howcast videos!”

  1. tabatha on

    Saw your expert demos on Howcast — fabulous! Very informative and helpful. Just wanted to say they were great and thanks.



  2. Lauren Goodman on

    I’m tryin to start my own business and learning stuff about ein a cake decorator because I love it so much, but I’m struggling with the taste. I have great ideas and the passion for it but I want it to taste just as great any ideas? Also your videos have helped a tone!!

  3. admin on

    @Lauren, We actually are going to be doing another series of Howcast videos later this month on the baking side of things. So watch for that!

  4. Annette on

    very lovely cakes and your videos amazing i do have a question about one of your videos which is how to make marshmellow fondant you say u use gum tragacanth but how much do u use to make the fondant,

  5. Sara on

    Thanks for the easy-to-follow videos. I was wondering how long can the Italian Meringue frosting be left out without refrigeration?


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