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new website

July 17th, 2014

Our new website is finally up!  Tyler (owner) did an amazing job with his super-human programing skills putting together this custom site for us.  We love how it turned out because it portrays quite well how we are now so much more than just custom cakes.  Custom cakes are still our main gig and that’s what we’ve become famous for but we also have a brand-new retail location where we now serve: coffee, expresso drinks, tea, fresh squeezed lemonade and orange juice.  Check out our ‘coffee’ page to learn how we grind and brew every cup of coffee to order.

In addition to all these ‘made to order’ drinks we have an extensive lineup of baked goods including: muffins, cookies, brownies, sweet breads, cupcakes and poptarts!  Check out our ‘bake shop goodies’ page for the full list of treats that are baked from scratch everyday.

You will notice that we still have a couple pages on our site that still have the old layout of the old website.  We are still in the process of switching those over but in the meantime they are still a completely functioning part of our website.

Take a look around the new site, meet your custom cake making team on the ‘about page’ and enjoy the new, bigger images in our cake galleries and let us know what you think!


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Hand-painted, Tiffany Lamp-Inspired Wedding Cake

June 9th, 2014

Inspiration, Sketch, Cake!

This is our favorite way to show off what we do on a weekly basis.  Our customers come to us with a fabulous source of inspiration and we turn their idea into a uniquely custom cake design.  This couple really loved the ‘illuminated’ affect of this stained glass tiffany lamp so we came up with a sketch of what their cake will look like.  All of our cake decorators have an art background so we all really thrive on this creative process.  I (Amanda) worked on this cake in particular, loving both the process and the finished result as I have a degree in Fine Arts 2D with an emphasis on painting.  My studies in both oil paint and especially watercolor allowed me the skills necessary to decorate such a fun wedding cake using edible airbrush food color as my ‘paint’.  We wish this couple many happy ‘glowing’ memories together! ; )

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My new cake course on CakeMade.com

June 4th, 2014

Attention all cake making enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect way to celebrate at your backyard cookout this summer!

We recently teamed up with the lovely people at CakeMade to offer an online version of our Sculpted 3D Hamburger cake.  We teach this class in our shop a couple times a year for our more advanced students.  But now, for those of you who can’t make it to Boston to take our classes or simply want to hone in on your sculpted cake skills at home, we introduce to you our Sculpted Hamburger Cake Class by Cake Made!

This course has several hours of (beautifully filmed) real-time video instruction on how I put together a hamburger cake starting with the basics of making Italian meringue buttercream and marshmallow fondant up to the more advanced details of how to sculpt and stack a tall cake using supports.  Purchase this class and you can watch and re-watch the series of videos over and over as much as you’d like.  Also available with purchasing the class is a detailed supply list and timeline specific to this cake project.

Don’t stop with just our hamburger cake check out all the other classes by many of the country’s other top cake artists.  So much cake to learn!


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Congrats Grads!

May 28th, 2014

Boston is a hot spot for college graduations and we’ve been cranking out graduation cakes like crazy. Here’s a few examples to showcase the possibilities for celebrating the accomplishment of graduating college or even grad school.

Graduation cakes are typically ordered to celebrate a single, hard working individual.  With all the years of study that goes into becoming a Doctor there is nothing sweeter then a getting a custom lab coat cake complete with your name on the breast pocket.

The more the merrier if you need to celebrate a group of students’ achievements.  What better way to acknowledge them than getting sugar figurines of each student on a cake.  Each sugar figurine is hand-sculpted by our cake artists to resemble each student and their characteristics.  The figurines are made of sugar but as long as you keep them dry they’ll last a long time as keepsakes.

No matter what school you’re graduating from feel free to personalize your colors in this simple graduation cake without the bells and whistles for a more low-key celebration.

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Mother’s Day Cookies!

May 7th, 2014

Treat mom to something sweet this Mother’s Day!  Our fresh baked decorated sugar cookies are the perfect treat to surprise mom with this year.  Made completely from scratch in our Boston bakery these cookies are sure to put a smile on moms face.

Choose from pretty flowery designs or a mom tattoo design that shows your not so permanent appreciation your mom!  All are gift wrapped and ready to go.

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Graduation Cakes 2014

April 30th, 2014

Graduation season is here again.  Boston is alive this time year with students finishing up degrees, parents and proud family members visiting and supporting their hard-working students and cake decorators hard at work creating delicious works of art to celebrate the occasions.  This weekend kicks of the start of graduation season for us with a total over 30 cake orders on our wall.

Here’s a variety of goodies to celebrate your graduate’s accomplishments!

3D Sculpted cakes are our specialty so naturally a sculpted grad hat and tassel and a book representing the students area of study suits the occasion perfectly.  If you’d like us to add a custom sugar figurine of your graduate just send us a picture of said student and we can create the figurine in their likeness including customizing their color of cap and gown.

If a sculpted cake isn’t your style a more traditional buttercream ‘gourmet’ cake may be in order.  It’s just simple vanilla buttercream over any of our gourmet flavors (red velvet, chocolate or yellow).  We can add flat fondant graduation cap and accents in your school’s colors along with a congratulatory message.

Also available are decorated sugar cookies which we bake from scratch and decorate by hand.  We’re keeping the shelves stocked of these graduation hat cookies but if you need more than a dozen or a custom color for example it would be best to order those in advance.

Want to feed  your large party more easily, cupcakes are the way to go.  These are also available to be customized with your school’s colors and graduation year etc.

Congrats Grads!

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We’re one of the Top Pastry Pros!

April 18th, 2014

As chosen by Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine we’ve been listed as one of the top 63 cake makers in the country!  We’re honored to be on the same list as many other cake shops whom we admire.

We’re so proud of our amazing bakers and decorators who are fine artists of sugar and are truly masters of their craft.

Check out the full list in the current issue of MSW magazine.

Find us under Massachusetts!

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Holy Cakes

April 14th, 2014

It’s that time of year again. Time for Communions, Confirmations and Christenings. Of course all of these events often include parties of some kind, and along with parties comes cake.

The spectrum of cake designs for such an event is huge. From the simple buttercream cakes that read “God Bless” to elaborate tiered cakes, complete with sugar rosary beads and crosses. The possibilities are limitless. We’ve even done sculpted bibles! If you’re looking for a custom cake for your upcoming Communion, Confirmation, Christening, or any other event for that matter, we’ve got you covered.


This was for a girl’s Baptism. The roses, butterflies and cross are all made from our marshmallow fondant.

This simple cake was for a young boy’s Communion.

This sculpted bible was for a Confirmation last year. The gold-lined pages make this cake even more realistic.

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Brown University Hall Cake

April 5th, 2014


It’s been a month now since we completed the enormous replica cake of Brown University’s University Hall.  Enormous was an understatement as it feed 1,300 people and weighed about 500-600 lbs.   We’ve finally compiled our photos and fun facts for this cake to share with you.

Cake Stats:

72 sheet cake layers of Red Velvet and Chocolate Cake
+ additional 1,200 cupcakes to feed the crowd

20 x 10 Qt buckets of our Italian meringue buttercream

125 lbs of our homemade marshmallow fondant

6-8 staff members to maneuver the cake around the bakery and at event

166 windows all cut and molding trim added and all window panes piped on by hand

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Boston Betrothed – local wedding expert collective

April 5th, 2014

If you’re getting married and are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your wedding vendors and planning information & inspiration in the Boston area you need to check out Boston Betrothed.  We are proud to say we’re a founding member of the group.

Boston Betrothed is a collective of like-minded wedding professionals & experts – all wildly passionate, talented artists – and some of the most inspired and dependable wedding vendors in New England, coming together to create the go-to resource for New England brides and grooms. The members of our group are tuned into the heart of weddings, fashion, art, and technology, ensuring Boston Betrothed is a trusted and knowledgeable source for current information on the wedding industry.

Here’s a look as what Boston Betrothed is capable as group, our table at the Boston Public Library Wedding Gala.

Below: Close up of our cakes at the Boston Public Library Wedding Gala.

Meet all our members and stay up to date on everything wedding at bostonbetrothed.com

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