Cake Answers PT 1 – Making Fondant

For those of you who’ve ever seen our cakes and wondered: “how do they do that?” we give you our new, most awesome video series called “Cake Answers.”  Today, in part 1, Tyler and Amanda show you how they go about making our super-delicious marshmallow fondant.  Yum!

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  1. Eva on

    Hi, thank you so much for posting this video, I loved it!
    I was simply wondering if the bags were the 16oz type or the 10,5oz? I have been working with fondant for almost two years, but I really wanted to try your recipe with the gum tragacanth.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. KP on

    Hi! Looks great and I can’t wait to try it out. How much gum tragacanth do you use? You start to say but it gets cut out….thanks!

    • admin on

      You wrap the fondant in shortening and several layers of plastic, and it will store for about 2 weeks at room temperature. After that it gets too dry to use.

  3. Lela on

    Could you please give me a written recipe of fondant. I’m from Chile and much I would appreciate your response.


    • admin on

      3 bags of marshmallows 1/3 C water – melt together
      1 tsp gum tragacanth (not necessary, but helps with elasticity) – if using sift into powdered sugar
      4 lbs. powdered sugar – Sift all sugar. Stir into melted marshmallow. Then, once it’s to difficult to stir turn out on countertop that has been greased with shortening and knead in remaining sugar
      Coat ball of fondant in shortening to keep moist
      Wrap in several layers of plastic wrap to keep fresh
      Best if used next day.

  4. pauline on

    Hi! I was wondering whether you have tried using cream of tartar instead of gum tragacanth and if not, do you think it would work? Cream of tartar is more accessible to me.

    • admin on

      Hi Pauline, cream of tartar and gum tragacanth have completely unrelated properties. Gum tragacanth gives the fondant elasticity. Gum tragacanth can be purchased on Amazon from Lorann Oils, however, if you don’t have it I would advise you to just leave it out rather than put cream of tartar in. All the best!

  5. pauline on

    Thanks for the reply. They use cream of tartar in home made playdoh so I cheekily thought it might work! Do you use your mmf for your figurines?

    • admin on

      We use our fondant for cakes and small decorations that don’t need to get too hard. For figurines we usually mix our fondant with gumpaste, or just use straight gumpaste.

      • Janice on

        Thanks for the tip. Typically what is the ratio of gum paste to fondant that yields the best results? Thanks for sharing. :O)

  6. stef on


    I have a question about humidity. I live in South America and there is a humidity of 75%. fondant when put on cakes, tend to get sticky. Yet i see others ( in the same country) make fondant cakes which are perfectly fine ( no stickyness). Could you tell me the secret, or do you perhaps have some suggestions?

    thanks in advance.By the way, your cakes are really beautiful, keep up the amazing work!


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