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3 Dog Weekend

October 17th, 2010

This last weekend we had 3 sculpted dog cakes in two days.  Sculpted dogs are one of our most popular cakes, close in number to car and purse cakes.

First off is Riley, an Alaskan Malamute.  She was a surprise from mom for the bride and groom at their rehearsal dinner.  Notice how she signed the message with her paw print.

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, this couple got their two dogs as their wedding cake.  They were displayed side by side at the reception.

As long as we’re on the subject of dogs we’d like to show off a few more of the dog cakes we’ve done:

Below are figurines of the birthday girl’s 3 dogs (who are also Red Sox fans) all decked out for the party.

This guy’s name is Sammy.  He’s a black lab for a rehearsal dinner as well as a trouble maker.  In case you were wondering what that razor is for, when Sammy was a puppy he swallowed a razor and had to have immediate stomach surgery.  He’s ok now, at least until it’s time for dessert : )

This cake was for a mom’s 40th bday.  Their dog’s getting into trouble with mr. crab.

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    11 Responses to “3 Dog Weekend”

    • Susan Says:

      Your dog cakes are fabulous!!! I wish I lived near you to come and see them. I too do cakes (just in my home for people who ask) and someone asked me to do a miniature pinscher cake and I’m trying to figure the best way to do it and I thought you might help me out with some pointers. I don’t know where to start with the cake (did you use round, rectangle shaped and how many layers)…I think I can do the scullting, but sure could use some help. I would happy to send you my finished results and give you all the credit…I am just nervous trying to get all the details…are you willing to help me out w/tips. Thank you so much–in advance. I would be so grateful to you. Thank you, Susan

    • admin Says:

      Thanks! Use rice crispy treat for the head, and the body is just cake stacked, buttercreamed, and sculpted like normal. We’re thinking about doing a book later this year that would give more detail, but I hope that can get you started at least!

    • Diana Says:

      I agree that your cakes are fabulous. You have real talent!

      I’ve tried using rice crispy treats for the head and body of a dinosaur cake that I made, but it eventually fell down and apart. I normally work with whipped cream frosting and that’s what I used to cover her body (the cake part) and the rice crispy treat part. Is that too wet of a frosting or did I need to make the rice crispy treats differently from the conventional recipe? Or perhaps I needed to let the rice crispy treat set and dry a little longer? Please help! Thank you.

    • admin Says:

      Let the Crispy treat set in thick sheets, and then you laminate those sheets together with Royal icing before sculpting away the access. However, do not try to “mold” or “reform” the crispy after it has set up, as it will simply fall apart :)

    • berlynda Says:

      do you have instuctions on how to build a boarder collie dog i love your cakes and i am in desparte need on where to start ty berlynda.

    • admin Says:

      It would be a long-winded answer to go through every step. But basically we start with several images of the dog for reference. We build the body out of cake and the head out of rice krispie treats. To get the fur effect you could either texture fondant or to make it more believable you could use an extruder to create the long strands of fur.

    • Brenda Hodson Says:

      I love your cakes, not seen any like that before, I have a Old English Sheepdog, do you do nay like that?

    • admin Says:

      We can create just about anything you can dream up! Please see our contact page if you’d like to place an order.

    • Maria Says:

      I made a house cake once. I used rice crispies for the roof, but I felt it was really heavy. How do you keep the head from falling off the dogs?

    • admin Says:

      We usually use a dowel to help hold the head on, and large straws underneath for support.

    • Carmel Says:

      WOW! Fab dog cakes and great tips! Thanks xxx

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