Transportation Weddings

This is a cake we did last weekend.  It’s for a couple who met at a cocktail party aboard a cruise ship and wanted us to create their wedding cake to celebrate this meeting.  Instead of a gown and tux we dressed the couple in cruise ship appropriate casual wear, holding drinks of course.

Below is a cake we created at the beginning of September for a couple who met on an airplane.  They spent many hours on planes traveling between New York City and San Francisco so it was only appropriate that their wedding cake reflect just that.  Even the clouds are edible!

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  1. caleb on

    hi my name is Caleb and im soon to be getting married and most of our relationship was done buy transport back and forth. with a plane as transportation and i would love to have a plane some were in my wedding and i was wandering if you could help out

  2. Jesusa on

    I love this airplane cake. Great job. I have to decorate an airplane cake similar to this. The couple that choose this similar design. The both work for the airlines. Would you mind giving me instructions on how you did the structure of the cake? I will me using styrofoam for the body of the airplane instead of cake. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

    • admin on

      There is a 2×4 cut at an angle to support a mdf board that is supporting the weight of the plane. There is also mdf boards under the wings to support those as well. The base is a wooden base screwed together with the plane’s support. The exact dimesions would be difficult to communicate. You’ll have to figure those out based on how many servings you need and how big your cake gets.

      Good luck!


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