(Not)Too Cool for School

Constructing a giant sculpted building cake…just another day at the office!  You’ve probably stumbled upon these blog posts in the past and wondered to yourself, “Who are those cool cats behind these fantastic cakes?”  We’re so glad you asked!  Let us take this opportunity to tell you about our most recent sculpted endeavor: recreating a 1,000 serving replica of Providence College.  You will see many triumphs and tribulations in this post, but most importantly you’ll see how we remained calm and level headed throughout the entire process…

Let’s start with our beautiful, picturesque, muse: Harkins Hall.



Turning this super complex building into a cake? No problem! We definitely weren’t panicking.



We started by baking more cake than any human should ever need.



Next we got to work hand painting all the facade detailing and quickly realized that we were making dozens of miniature Bertucci’s pizza ovens (please don’t sue us).

*No pizzas were harmed in the making of this cake.



We then started the construction and crumb coating process.

img_4553 img_4559 img_4567


Things can get stressful when you’re creating a cake on a strict deadline. It’s nice to know that someone always has your back.



After crumb coating, it was time to add the fondant detailing.

Amanda’s inner monologue: “And with this smoother, I anoint thee the greatest cake in all the land!”




Can you spot the sleep deprived decorator?



Many hours and cups of coffee later, we finished all the building details.



Our final step was to place the figurines after finshing the gate and landscaping. Here is our baby on the red carpet!



Impressive right? We know. We’re just cool like that.


Still want more?  Read more about the event and cake process here .

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