A robot cake that serves itself?

When we got a call from the nice people at iRobot looking for an amazing cake to celebrate Roomba’s 10th birthday, we knew what we had to do.  Long have we fantasized about taking off for cocktails on the beach while a team of happy little robots came in to finish our work.  So we thought, as long as we were building a team of robots out of cake, why not make that fantasy of functioning cake robots into a reality?  Thus we give you the below awesomeness:

All the robots pictured were completely edible (minus a few pipes and cardboards for support here and there)!  The robot with the long, clawed arm (named SUGV) had an extra bit of custom engineering to motorize it’s movement.  FUN!

Check out the full gallery below to see how the robots were made and consumed!

A very special thanks to the people at iRobot for making this awesome cake possible!

Cake Stats:
Flavors: Yellow, chocolate, and red velvet cake with vanilla Italian meringue buttercream
Servings: The cake fed 500 hungry iRobot employees!
Size:  The entire display of tasty robots was approximately 8′ long by 5′ wide, and 5′ high.

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