Harvard Memorial Hall Graduation Cake

Last week we made one of our most detailed cakes ever.  We wanted to share a couple photos of our process.

Three different flavors made up the entire 200 servings of this cake.

Lots and lots of buttercream.  At this point we couldn’t help but think it looked like a manta-ray-like submarine thing. 🙂

After fondanting, detail is starting to go on with some help from krispie treats.

Cake has now been airbrushed and it’s time for ALL the detailing.

The Mario cake was due on the same day so we got a good kick out of this shot : )

Yet more windows go on…

All these beautiful roof tiles were meticulously planned, stenciled, and airbrushed by Tim, aka Captin Roof.

And Voila!

A completely edible Harvard Memorial Hall Cake.

11 Responses to “Harvard Memorial Hall Graduation Cake”

  1. Hiba Chowdhry on

    wow! i am a huge fan of u amanda. i have seen all your video’s on howcast.com and now you have made me fall in love with your cakes. i am 13 and i love baking just like you . when i grow big i am for sure gonna be like you and open up a bakery

  2. Dana on

    This is an amazing cake. Your attention to detail is truly exceptional! Great job for you and your team, another perfect cake!

  3. Grandma on

    This is amazing, beautiful detail work. You all have such patience and skill. I am curious what a cake like this would cost.

  4. Carol Blenda on

    Well, that was my graduation cake and I loved it!!
    Amazing piece of art.
    Now the question is, how can I get something even better for my 2014 Harvard graduation?


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