Hand-painted, Tiffany Lamp-Inspired Wedding Cake

Inspiration, Sketch, Cake!

This is our favorite way to show off what we do on a weekly basis.  Our customers come to us with a fabulous source of inspiration and we turn their idea into a uniquely custom cake design.  This couple really loved the ‘illuminated’ affect of this stained glass tiffany lamp so we came up with a sketch of what their cake will look like.  All of our cake decorators have an art background so we all really thrive on this creative process.  I (Amanda) worked on this cake in particular, loving both the process and the finished result as I have a degree in Fine Arts 2D with an emphasis on painting.  My studies in both oil paint and especially watercolor allowed me the skills necessary to decorate such a fun wedding cake using edible airbrush food color as my ‘paint’.  We wish this couple many happy ‘glowing’ memories together! ; )

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