Farm Animal Cupcakes!

You see them everywhere! They have trucks that specialize in cupcakes that move around the city and sell them. You have special bakeries for them. They seem like they’re everywhere! So when did the cupcake become so big? How did cupcakes go from being what some kid’s mom brought in from home when there was a birthday to being an elaborate indulgence?

What started as a simple cupcake has transformed into something more. We now witness the cupcake reborn. It’s nothing short of edible art. We are seeing things never done with cupcakes before as if somebody said why are cakes having all the fun? Let’s bring the cupcake back. So what do we like about cupcakes? To me a cupcake feels special and personal. It’s like it was made just for you!

What do we do at Amanda Oakleaf Cakes with cupcakes? We take your imagination and visions and make them into cupcakes.  Not only that but our cupcakes and all their decorations are fully edible and taste yummy!  Check out our cupcake gallery to see what other custom creations we’ve baked up.

Jacob had his birthday at a local farm. We made this mini cake with matching cupcakes for him. Complete with piggy in mud puddles, ducks in water, chickens on hay, eggs and nests, and sheep in grass.  Cupcakes such as these have many possibilities and are fun to accompany or a different alternative to cake.

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