At the cake shop not all business is strictly cake.  We’ve recently been collecting egg shells and other organic waste such as carrot peels (from our carrot cake recipe) and the banana peel we ate for lunch to use in our compost pile.  We then mix them up with other waste from the house such as grass clippings, dead leaves, sawdust from a recent tree removal, veggie waste from the kitchen etc.  Every other day or so we give the pile a good stir to make sure it’s getting enough air and in a month or two we’ll have nutrient rich compost soil to add to our home garden.  Exciting right?  Sure beats just tossing all that good stuff in the garbage where it would end up a landfill just sitting inside that plastic garbage bag forever.

Since I’m not the expert on compost as much as I am on cake here’s a link to more info about composting at home.  It’s super easy.  You just need a designated spot in your lawn (we have ours in trash barrels with air holes punched all around the sides), add a good mix of green and brown materials (just no fats or meats please), keep it moist, warm and let the air circulate, give it a little time and voila! you have better and cheaper fertilizer than you could buy in the store.  Make sure you get some of those wormmies in there too; they’ll help you break down all that stuff in no time.  You know when it’s finished it’s magic when it’s black and crumbly just like soil.  Just mix in with garden soil or sprinkle around already planted plants in the garden, front lawn, or even potted house plants.


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