A Cake Named Sylvester

Sometimes we make cakes that show so much personality that we are forced to give them names.  Meet Sylvester, Sylvie for short.  He is a fun loving giraffe that isn’t afraid to take things to new heights.  We were a little sad to see him leave the bakery but we knew he was going to a good home.

Here’s a little behind the scenes of how we created Sylvie for a young boy’s 4th birthday party.

Giraffe Sculpted cake face

Step one is a picture I forgot to take.  His inner structure or backbone is a vertical iron pipe he’d into the base with a flange.  His head is held on by a masonite attached to said pipe.

Step two is stack up the cake.  Chocolate cake + Nutella Buttercream filling.  Can you see him yet?


Step three is to carve out the giraffe. A little krispie treat was added under his head board to give him a chin.


And wrap him up in a buttercream crumbcoat. and into the fridge he goes.


There are of course a few more steps of decorating I left out but you get the idea. Covering this cake in fondant was a little tricky as fondant does not like to go vertical.  Basically, we wrapped the fondant around him like a scarf and created a seam in the back which we later covered up with his mane.

Giraffe sculpted cake

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