Boston POPS cake

We were honored to create a very special cake to commemorate Keith Lockhart’s 20th Anniversary of conducting the Boston Pops Orchestra.  I have to say, as a former band geek, this is by far one of my favorite cakes.  Bernadette Peters was the special guest vocalist for the season opener concert on Wednesday.  Before her encore she cut off the orchestra announcing a special surprise for Keith, at which point we rolled our cake out from behind a curtain out to center stage.  Our cake then remained on center stage while they preformed their famous Stars and Stripes Forever song.  It was such a great presentation for such an exciting cake.  It was an honor for us to be a part of.

Here’s a look at the finished cake and a fun shot with Michelle (decorator), Tyler (owner), Amanda (owner), and Kathy (decorator) who had a hand in creating it.  Not pictured is Krystle our decorator who created the sugar figurine of Keith conducting, Rue, who frosted all 1,100 cupcakes and Bridget, Jenn and Michelle, our bakers who spent many hours baking this 300 serving cake along with 1,100 cupcakes to feed the concert goers.

*Stay tuned to this blog post as in a couple days we’ll be updating it with process photos of how this cake was created and then served.

IMG_9181 IMG_9150 copy

IMG_9238 IMG_9216

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